Motherhood is…..

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There are no two ways about it. Parenting is one of the most wonderful jobs in the world but also one of the hardest. It can make you feel eye-wateringly exhausted at times but I find that sharing and laughing about some of the things you experience as a mum can be such a relief.

(It also makes you realise that you are not the only one losing the plot!)

For me, motherhood encompasses so many things, such as…

1. never quite managing to drink a cup of tea or coffee while it is still hot.

2. suddenly using just one hand to do nearly everything that required two before kids came along.

3. never making it to the end of a film (on the rare occasion you are awake long enough to actually start watching one, that is!).

4. those times when you think, ‘wow, I’m a mum’! (though inside you still feel like a little child yourself).

5. constantly forgetting what you were about to say because of all the ‘why’ questions…

6. ..and then sometimes having to resort to your own mother’s tactic of ‘because it just is’ to try and get some peace (or because you actually don’t know the answer yourself!).

7. feeling utter relief when you find your child’s favourite dog-eared teddy after hours spent trawling the pavements and shops desperately searching for it.**

8. finally going shopping for yourself…but coming back with loads of things for the kids.

9. happily carrying on with your (now cold) meal despite having just cleaned up the most stomach-churning nappy ever….

10. …and spending the rest of the meal discussing and analysing the contents of said nappy with your partner/mummy friends.

11. discovering a level of tiredness you never thought possible.

12. a fuzzy, warm feeling like nothing else when your child needs comforting and runs straight to you.

13. truly understanding what it means to devote yourself to another person’s well-being.

14. losing all sense of embarrassment….”I’m sure everyone here is just as excited about your huge stinky poo darling”.

15. feeling enraged at the sight of people without kids using the ‘parent & children’ spaces at supermarkets.

16. jumping around like a crazed woman, jangling your keys and saying “what’s this” in an annoyingly high-pitched squeal, in an effort to get a good photo.

17. difficult moments when you long for it to be bedtime.

18. amazing moments when you look in total wonder at your children and simply can’t believe they are all yours!


Motherhood is not simply

Giving birth and then

Putting in your time

Waiting for the moment when

The children grow

And off they go

To thrive or falter

On their own….

Motherhood is not the sum

Of all that you have done

Motherhood is who you are

Whether they are near or far

Motherhood isn’t what you do-

It’s the very heart and soul of you.

Rene’ Mancourt

** For a lost teddy emergency try which I only recently discovered.

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