Thanks Super(market) Gran!


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It’s amazing how a kind word can send your spirits soaring and even stay with you a lifetime and I experienced this on a trip to the supermarket with my two boys. I know these trips very often become extremely stressful (i.e. when your child decides to have a full-blown tantrum in aisle 2 because you said no to the Peppa Pig Bubble Bath), but on this occasion I left the supermarket far happier than I went in because of the kind words of an older and more experienced mum.

I was feeling tired and drained after finally getting to the store with a toddler and baby in tow and, when I eventually got to the checkout, I rushed to put the items on the conveyor belt as I could sense that an outburst was bubbling because the boys were bored. Suddenly I heard a voice behind me say:

What gorgeous boys. Mine are all grown up now but when they were little like that they gave me some of the best days of my life.

I smiled and thanked the lady for her kind words. I told her that I loved the boys to bits but that I did find motherhood challenging and I struggled sometimes with the extreme tiredness and the feeling that I was often telling them off or saying no. I will never forget her reply:

Being a mum isn’t easy but remember that they grow up very quickly. My boys don’t live at home any more and I miss those days of cuddles and baking and walks in the park. They remember those times too because we still talk about them and I have gorgeous grandchildren now who help to keep me busy.

I paid for my goods, thanked the lady and said goodbye while the boys waved to her and, on my way to the car, I realised how many wise things she had shared with me in just a couple of sentences:

  • The children won’t always be this small so make the most of the cuddles and family time.
  • They need a lot of teaching and guidance so it’s natural to feel like a bit of an ogre sometimes but…
  • …they will eventually remember the fun and silliness more than being told what to do.
  • A day will come when I will miss the busyness of being a mum and the house will feel empty….
  • …but hopefully I too will be blessed with grandchildren to fill the house with noise and laughter again.
  • Although there will always be similarities, each mother’s journey is unique to her and her children…
  • ..but by supporting each other, rather than competing, we can become happier mothers.

Thank you Supermarket Gran!

Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child but what you’ve gained from having one. Author Unknown


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One thought on “Thanks Super(market) Gran!

  1. Such a beautiful piece of wisdom. What a precious gift this woman gave you but it is also your merit that you were there listening, fully open-minded. I find that attitude the best possible in life, because you learn something new from everybody, from everything, all the time. It’s only that sometimes it is difficult to stop to appreciate that. That’s why I thank you for sharing this precious moment.


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