No Get up and Go?

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You open your eyes and groan to yourself. Where did the weekend go? How on Earth can it be the start of the week again already? You let out a big sigh and wonder where you will find the energy to deal with today when all you really want to do is hide under the covers.

Do you find yourself doing this? I know I do but how draining is this kind of self-talk? It can really siphon away the slightest energy and enthusiasm in seconds. There are things you can do though to stop these thoughts from gaining so much momentum and having so much control over the way you feel. I find the following helpful …

  1. Try to start each morning with a grateful heart by being thankful for the brand new day ahead of you.
  2. Remind yourself that you won’t have this day again so you want to make it really count.
  3. Find time to get outside for a walk during your day, even for just five minutes, as this can really help to blow the cobwebs away and shift a tired or negative perspective.
  4. Make an effort to speak to people (and listen to them!) even if your instinct is to hide away and hibernate.
  5. Use the 3 minute breathing space (please see link below*) to centre yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed or as if you are just living in your head, on constant automatic pilot.
  6. When you get into bed call to mind 3 things that made you feel particularly happy or grateful during the day. I especially enjoy doing this exercise with my 4 year old as he often surprises and enlightens me with his answers, reminding me that being a parent isn’t about one-way teaching….we can learn such a lot from our children too!

You must learn a new way to think

before you can learn a new way to be.

Marianne Williamson

* Meditations from ‘Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ by Prof Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman:


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