Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle!



With Christmas day fast approaching, I have found myself (as usual at this time of year) rushing around trying to get everything done and hoping that all these preparations will make it a really special day for my boys. It has made me think back, however, to what it was exactly that made Christmas so special for me as a child. Of course I loved opening the presents on Christmas morning but that is not the memory that immediately springs to mind. Instead, I remember things like watching festive films with my family, the glorious smell of the Christmas roast wafting through the house, us all eating turkey sandwiches and pickles on trays, my brother and I rifling through the Quality Street tin in a race to find our favourites and marvelling at all the Christmas trees and lights everywhere. I can’t really pinpoint what it was in particular though that made Christmas so memorable but I think ‘a feeling of togetherness’ comes close. It reminds me that it is something that money can’t buy so, even with the best preparation and shopping trips in the world, the way for me to try and recreate this for my own children is not to spend lots of money on them, but rather to spend lots of time with them…quality time. And not just on Christmas day but over the whole festive period. Easier said than done with all the hustle and bustle this season seems to bring but I am going to really try this year not to worry so much about the mess in the house or all the chores that need doing but to really make the most of this special time with my loved ones. And I hope you will do the same!

Merry Christmas!


Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Don’t get in a state

Life’s too short

To worry ’bout the Christmas cake.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas

It will be ok

As long as

Your oven can fit the turkey!


Just remember when you were young

What Christmas time was like back then.

Watching films with your family

And pinching the best sweets from the tin!


Christmas time

Is all about the lil’ things

Yet we can forget

Not to let ourselves get caught up in all the stress…

So hug your family and remember you are blessed!


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