What I have learned (so far!) as a mum….


I have been a mum for nearly 1700 days and, in that time, I have learnt the following:

1.You never stop learning….

So never get too cocky and think you have this mother thing all sussed out!

2.Life as a parent is both extremely predictable and extremely unpredictable…

The meals, the wake-up calls, the bath times, the school runs etc. take place every day but things like unexpected moods or illness can happen out of the blue, with no forewarning whatsoever (and often just before a big event or holiday)!

3.The days really are long and the years are short (quote by Gretchen Rubin)…

A day can seem to go on forever sometimes (especially when you’ve had little sleep!) but then suddenly your child reaches another birthday and you wonder where on Earth the year has gone.

4.Being a mum can really hurt sometimes….

Like when you see your child having to struggle with something or when you are fighting exhaustion and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a parent.

5.The little moments make the best memories….

Those funny things that kids come out with, the way they dissolve into fits of giggles over something silly or how they come and sit next to you and lean their head on your shoulder. When I look back at my own childhood, I realise it wasn’t big parties, expensive gifts or holidays that I particularly remember with most fondness, but simple things like us all eating dinner on trays in front of the TV as a special treat or being allowed to stay up a little later at the weekend.

6. The best way to deal with parenthood (in my experience) is…

One day at a time and focussed on the present. We mums tend to worry about all the things we didn’t do in the past and/or all the things we need to do in the future but it means we can miss an awful lot of good stuff in the here and now. It probably also means we are often beating ourselves up and not seeing all the good that we do.

7. Sometimes you miss the old (pre-kids) version of yourself….

And then you remember that having kids has, in many ways, made you stronger, more determined…..and more loving!


(image from Pinterest/ main image from http://www.123rf.com)

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