Are you stuck in a rut?


I love being a mum but, like many parents, I can find myself stuck in a rut sometimes with the same routine repeating itself daily. Don’t get me wrong…I am extremely grateful for my family and my life, but I have to admit that I do feel a bit like I am living in the Truman show sometimes.

Just recently I came across this quote:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

and it really got me thinking. I couldn’t answer it and it made me realise that this was probably the biggest thing that had changed since I had started a family; no longer really trying out new things and living almost entirely within my comfort zone.

Whilst it’s true that children need a routine, I think it’s also easy to use that as an excuse to keep doing the same thing every day….it can just feel like too much effort to branch out and try something different. But then I got thinking that “something different” didn’t have to mean huge, life-changing or immensely time-consuming activities but could simply be small changes incorporated into daily life…so I have come up with my own personal list of 7 things to try next week:

  • taking a different route on the school run
  • trying a new meal during the week
  • watching something I would never normally watch
  • buying a magazine on a subject I know nothing about
  • wearing colours I don’t usually wear
  • styling my hair differently
  • going for a mindful stroll once the kids are in bed

I remember when I was still working in the City how I often felt like a penguin, getting off the train and marching to the office along with everyone else…all of us in the same black/greyish attire. It doesn’t matter which direction your life has taken, you can still find yourself in a kind of “groundhog day” situation, where you take the same journey, eat the same food, wear the same sort of clothes and follow the same routine daily. I think finding little ways to break that monotony and inject some colour can make a big difference. Well, I plan to find out if that is the case by doing my little experiment next week…I will keep you posted. And maybe you will think of some little changes that you can make to your own daily routine to bring a greater sense of fun and pizzazz to your everyday life…..let me know if you do and we’ll have to swap notes!

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