Can you find a silver lining…


So, in my last blog post I wrote about getting out of a rut and doing simple things to make life feel less monotonous. Did it work? Actually yes, I tried out a couple of things which worked well…. and then I tripped at home and fractured my shoulder which could have been disastrous but, actually, in a funny way it has aided me with my goal.

How so?

Well, I currently can’t drive so, instead of using the car to save time, I have had to walk the school run and it has actually been easier and more pleasant than I had realised. I will definitely be doing it more even once my shoulder has healed.

Since I am having to walk everywhere now, I am getting out in the fresh air more and, fearing that I could fall again since I am slightly off balance with one arm in a sling, I am actually walking very mindfully too! One thing I have really noticed is how many people are walking around glued to their phone screens and it makes me wonder how more of us aren’t stumbling and hurting ourselves because of it!

Having the use of only one arm means that I am doing daily tasks more slowly which, though at times frustrating, is also helping me to be more mindful as I have to really concentrate on the task at hand.

Having to rely on others to help me, though equally frustrating at times, has helped me work on my patience and also realise how much I take my independence for granted. Washing my hair is now really tricky, for example, and it is actually a job that I usually don’t really enjoy (the blow drying rather than the actual washing) but now I can’t wait to be able to do it properly again and I think it will be quite some time before I moan about that particular job!

Whilst I have typed this post up myself, I do find it a lot more tricky currently with the shoulder situation so I have had to resort more to pen and paper for my notes (thank goodness my dominant hand/arm is ok…another silver lining). All this pen-writing is bringing back fond memories of my time as a student and the days before we all relied so heavily on technology.

It has also made me think about letter-writing. Why don’t we write letters any more? It was such a wonderful way to communicate and I always felt such excitement at the sight of a hand-written letter on the doormat. It makes me sad that our children may never experience that joy…so I have decided that I will write some letters to my boys for them to open when they are older. Right now I am not quite sure what I will write in them but I will think of something and keep them stashed away for a day in their future.


I don’t know if you can find a silver lining for every situation but, if you look hard enough, I am sure you can gain something positive from a great majority of them. I certainly wouldn’t have thought a fractured shoulder could do me so much good!







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