Letting Go…

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So, the summer is gradually drawing to an end and the autumn is slowly creeping in, with its spectacular hues and cascades of leaves. For me, it is always tinged slightly with sadness at the thought of another summer over, but I do rather love the colours it brings, as well as that warm and cosy feeling of starting to wear hats and scarves and drinking cocoa by the fire.

Whilst browsing the internet the other day, I came across the quote

Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go (unknown)

and I realised that I had never really considered the season that way; as a very vivid and glorious “laying to rest” part of nature’s ever-renewing cycle rather than just a “coming to an end and dying” part; as nature adding one final and magnificent burst of colour to its palette before putting things to sleep for the winter so that they can rest, restore and eventually renew. That really is very beautiful and also, I think, rather more positive than sad.

The very essence of “letting go” does always seem to be sad somehow but it is something we have to do all the time and the sooner we become comfortable with it, the easier we will find our daily lives. I know that I certainly find things easier when I am more fluid and less resistant to change. But when I dig my heals in and refuse to go with the flow, that is when I start to have problems and feel frustrated.

By clinging on to situations, people or thoughts that do not help us, we stop ourselves from being open to numerous other possibilities. Life will always continue to move forward, however much we may want to stop it and try to keep things as they are or once were. The seasons will change, whether we want them to or not, and we can fight that (and make ourselves extremely miserable in the process!) or we can go with it and take the good from each one…but change they will. And it is necessary that they do so. And by looking at the seasons this way I think we can find it easier to adapt to changes ourselves and to have more trust in the rhythms of our own lives. I hope so anyway….

When she finally learned how to let go of the things that didn’t matter, she discovered all the things that really did. (unknown)

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