Have yourself a mindful little Christmas…

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So today is the 1st of December….wow, where did the year go?

And Christmas is now less than a month away…how did that happen?

Is it just me or does it always seem this way? That when Halloween and bonfire night are over, December 25th still feels a long way off…until that very last firework lights up the sky. Then time starts going at double the pace and suddenly it’s the beginning of December, decorations are popping up everywhere and frazzled mums all over the country are rushing to get through their (even bigger than usual) to-do lists.

I was thinking about this the other day and about how the weeks leading up to the big event seem to be very busy and hectic every year. And then I started thinking about Christmas now and how I remember it as a child. Of course I wasn’t the one who had to arrange everything back then (my only job was to find out where mum had stashed the presents!) but we didn’t have all the gadgets and technology that we have today. For example, we didn’t have online shopping. The fact that we can now have everything delivered to our front door (presents, food, decorations etc.) should make for a calmer Christmas, but I’m not sure it does…

We can also now Skype or whatsapp people who live far away or abroad to wish them a happy Christmas, we can send them e-cards and we can use companies like Amazon to send them gifts, but still I think many of us find the preparations stressful. Why is that?

I’m not sure I know the answer but I do remember a trip with my mum last year to one of the big supermarkets on December 23rd and it was total pandemonium. Trolleys were overflowing, aisles were gridlocked and everyone seemed to be panic buying. I certainly wasn’t feeling the Christmas spirit in there, that’s for sure!

What I find really odd about this situation is that shops are open on the 24th and again on the 26th so we are literally dealing with just one day now which actually makes Christmas feel a bit less of an event for me. Yet I can still remember the excitement as a child of knowing that the “festive period” would last a few days and it felt really special. With all the sales that pop up everywhere now on Boxing Day, Christmas cheer very quickly turns to Christmas drear for me. After all the weeks of preparations, life seems to go back to normal so quickly. There we are talking about love and goodwill one day and then fighting each other the very next over the last dinner set in the sale.

Well, I don’t expect any of that is going to change any time soon but I have seen a to-do list with a difference in circulation that made me smile and I will certainly try to incorporate some of the ideas on it in the hope it will make for a more mindful Christmas.

I thought you might like to as well…


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