A Christmas Eve Tale.

32865554 - cute christmas village against aurora night sky in blue

I was drifting to sleep on a cold Christmas Eve,
My mind dancing with thoughts of treats I’d soon receive,
But as I lay dreaming of gifts in the morning,
I awoke abruptly, without any warning…

As I sat up in bed and surveyed all around,
I could hear a strange noise, a faint whistling sound,
As an arctic-cold wind blew right open my door,
Sprinkling tiny ice crystals all over the floor.

So on tiptoes I ventured towards the landing,
Very low to the ground I was barely standing,
And as I crept downstairs I saw something shimmer;
A bright golden light with a breath-taking glimmer.

It was gleaming and glowing to such a degree,
That I squinted my eyes and could only just see.
Yet I still somehow managed to make my way down,
With the freezing cold air rustling round my nightgown.

As I carried on towards the source of the glow,
I could see that the floorboards were dusted with snow;
They were creaking and groaning with each step I took,
I’ll get there, I told myself, by hook or by crook!

And when finally I reached the front of the house,
I inched my way onwards as quiet as a mouse.
Peering right through the doorway and round to the tree,
I couldn’t quite believe what stood right before me..

For just there, in plain sight, a big sack in his hand,
Was none other than Santa and, my, he looked grand!
He was round and plump, a right jolly old fellow,
With a white fluffy beard just like a marshmallow.

I could see he was holding a shiny gold bell,
And upon his black belt shone a buckle as well,
And so I discovered why the house was aglow;
It was due to the gold bell and buckle combo!

“Why hello”, I whispered, as my voice failed to sound,
And he turned to me placing his sack on the ground,
As the smile on his face broke out into laughter,
That echoed round the room and into the rafters!

Then he turned to the wall, with his back towards me,
To pick up the glass I’d left with fine malt whisky.
As he raised it he faced me and mouthed the word cheers,
And the smile reappeared, stretching between his ears.

I started to think surely I must be dreaming,
Yet still Santa stood there, his jolly face beaming.
He walked to the chimney, turning round as he winked..
But then he was gone, whoosh, before I’d even blinked.

All that stood in his place were some small sooty piles,
But I could hear him above, up on my roof tiles.
He was calling his reindeer now this job was done.
And saying each of their names, every single one;

“Come Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen.
Come Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen.
We really must hurry, there’s just so much to do,
There are so many children still waiting for you!”

And then lastly he turned to his number one deer,
And said “Rudolph, it’s time to spread more Christmas cheer!”
Then up the sleigh rose, leaving just a silhouette,
On that cold Christmas Eve I shall never forget!


(image from http://www.123rf.com)

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