The only time is now…

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So the summer holidays are nearly here and many of us will probably soon be jetting off to sunnier climes in search of happiness and special memories. We may have already been looking forward to “getting away” for some weeks or months now and very likely find ourselves regularly daydreaming about all the things we will do while we’re gone and the quality time we will spend with loved ones.

But why do we save all these dreams for the holidays only?

This thought came to me when I was recently flicking through a health magazine and I stumbled upon an an article about making more time for yourself. The article* mentioned a book called Gone for Lunch: 52 things to do in your Lunch break and the author, Laura Archer, was quoted as saying that taking a full hour’s daily lunch break equates to an extra 30 days annual leave a year…..


I had to read it again but there it was in plain text….one little hour a day, over the course of a year, could turn in to the equivalent of 30 days of holiday.


The article gave some suggestions of things you could do in that hour which, in turn, gave me my own ideas. It said “making time for mini adventures rather than waiting for that big holiday means life can be more enjoyable right now!” And like so many brilliant ideas, it seemed actually incredibly simple and again made me wonder why so many of us wait to have one big dose of fun on our holidays when we could actually have much more regular little doses of fun in our everyday lives if we just put our minds to it.

Then I remembered the wise words of a taxi driver I met some years ago on my way to visiting my dad in hospital. I was telling him how we had nearly lost my father after he had fallen ill very unexpectedly and that it had made me more determined to make the most of life. He replied, “I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard about people holding out for retirement to “live their dreams” but not making it due to ill health. You can’t wait to live, the only time is now.”

How right he was! And perhaps that little hour a day would be a great start and mean that in a year’s time you are finally speaking that new language you have always dreamed about or you have ticked “running a marathon” off your bucket list. Who knows where those newly acquired skills could lead you….you might discover an exciting and unexpected hobby or maybe even a new career.

So I have ordered the book and, while I wait for it, I will be working on not just looking forward to my holidays but my daily life as well.

My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from.

– Rob Hill –

*Top Santé July 2017 (UK) edition

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