What does “busy” mean to you?


Is it just me or is everyone “crazy busy” all the time these days? People dashing all over the place, no time to stop and chat, hundreds of errands to run every day…

It certainly feels that way doesn’t it…but have you ever stopped to wonder why? I expect not as you are too busy!

Well, maybe it’s:

…modern life

…too much technology

…longer working hours….?

Hmm, apparently not so. The problem, it seems, is the fact that we refuse to accept our limitations nowadays. Think about it; in days gone by when the farming industry was more prominent, workers were limited in the work they could do by the seasons, the weather, the length of day etc. In modern society, however, with more of us working in office/computer-based jobs, we can contact people anywhere in the world 24/7 and we can receive messages via numerous social mediums at any time of the day so the boundaries have become completely blurred.

Consequently, it seems to me, we are currently experiencing an epidemic of busyness.When we see all the people we deal with daily so busy and overwhelmed, it often makes us feel that we should be busier ourselves, as if constantly being overwhelmed is somehow a measure of our own status and importance.

I actually find this quite ridiculous though and it brings to mind the comments of a previous boss of mine who once questioned what I did during the day as I “never looked really busy”. I asked him if I had forgotten to do something or if I was not getting all my work done but he said no, it was all fine. So basically, because I was not constantly dashing around with files and tripping over myself to highlight my busyness (as so many people in offices seem to do!), he thought I wasn’t busy enough. But what about the leaders of the world, some of the busiest people on the planet, are they all running around like headless chickens? Not that I have noticed. And let’s be honest, it wouldn’t instill us with much confidence in their abilities would it!

To my delight, however, there seems to be a very quiet anti-busy revolution going on behind the scenes. I follow numerous pages on Facebook dedicated to a slower and simpler life, such as Becoming UnBusy, The Life on Purpose Movement and Becoming Minimalist. And I have read recently about Italy’s “Citta Slow” (Slow City) project which is also starting to spread globally. The idea being that each of the cities involved takes specific action to make their communities healthier, greener, happier and slower.

So today, in the midst of all your busyness, take a moment to consider what busy means to you and whether this manic and frantic style of living is what you wish for your children and our future generations! I would guess not so why don’t you join the revolution yourself by making more space and quiet time in your own life.

Let’s stop the glorification of busy!

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