Can “Supermum” please stand up.

mindful mummy


Hello…  Supermum? Are you there??

No, I didn’t think so……because you don’t exist do you. You and your cartoony, sickly-sweet brand of mum that looks like Barbie and acts like Mary Poppins (who, incidentally, wasn’t actually a mum herself…hmm). But you get mentioned all the time and mums struggle daily to live up to your example, even though you aren’t real. I don’t believe in you yet I have still somehow managed to build up an image of you in my head!

As far as I’m concerned though, whether you are a hippie ‘must be organic’ sort of a mum who gets inspiration from reading deep and meaningful books and quotes about motherhood or a comedy-loving, wine-drinking one who feels better after looking at funny cartoons and videos of exasperated parents (or a bit of both like me), one thing remains the same the world over……all us mums are in this big parenting boat together, navigating…

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