Our free autumn fun day…


So, autumn has now fully taken hold, the air feels chillier and the days are getting shorter but the children still have as much energy as ever! The question is, how to keep them amused over the coming months and avoid paying a small fortune on indoor activities every weekend…

One way to have fun with the kids outdoors this season is to have a scavenger hunt in the woods. I did just that with my boys recently and it was brilliant fun, even for the adults. Not only that, it was also a really mindful adventure that we all enjoyed and, best of all, it didn’t cost us a penny! Seeing the hunt through our children’s eyes was magical and definitely a memory we will treasure.

First of all, we made a list together of all the things we wanted to find such as:

  • a green/yellow/red leaf
  • 5 leaves of different shapes
  • an acorn
  • a conker
  • a feather
  • a pine cone
  • a wild flower
  • a winged seed and so on.

Then, armed with beach buckets that we already had in the car, off we went into the woods and not only did we find all the items on our list, we found a whole lot more:

We found “funny-shaped” mushrooms/fungi…


..”sleepy” lady birds and peculiar plants that looked like “fireworks”…

“awesome” dens that other people had made…

and we talked about how we would make our own den if we had to spend a night in the woods, the difference between trees that shed their leaves and evergreens and the many, different kinds of animals and birds that were probably living amongst all those trees or underground.

When we got home, the boys went through their buckets to find their favourite “treasures” which they then stuck on a large sheet of paper that we are going to put up as an autumn display.

What we initially thought would be a good way to pass a couple of hours outside with the boys turned out to be a really fun, active, educational, natural and mindful family activity that was totally free and really helped us all to bond. I truly recommend it!


(We went to Hockley Woods, Essex for our autumn scavenger hunt).

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