A selection of my poems for you to enjoy…..

All too soon…

All too soon the little shoes

That clutter my hall

Won’t be so small.

All too soon the manic mornings

Where I help you get dressed

Will happen less and less.

All too soon “it won’t be cool”

To be seen with me

On the way to school.

All too soon you’ll be leaving home

But please don’t forget

I’m always your mum!


Tick, Tock

Tick, tock, tick, tock, go the hands of the clock

And with every tick, that’s another chance,

And another moment lost.

We hurry and stress and worry all day,

As life just passes us by.

And when, suddenly, 20 years have gone,

We just can’t understand why.

But I’ll let you in on a secret

That so many fail to see…

The only time we have’s right now,

So make sure to spend it wisely!


Trying to remember….

I’m trying to remember

What life was life before

When I had lie-ins every week

And dined out so much more

No squashed food on the sofa

No handprints on the walls

No Lego scattered all around

To make me trip or fall

And yet something was missing

Though I didn’t realise….

Until you came into my life

And filled it with surprise!


Hello Autumn

Green to yellow to orange to red

Is not just a simple rhyme in my head

For it is a miracle to me

That such things can be

As leaves changing colour in the Autumn.

That crisp and clear time of year

When coats and boots all reappear;

With conkers and cocoa and big chunky scarves,

Fireworks and bonfires and pumpkins to carve…..

Summer I’m sad to say adieu

But Autumn hello, it’s good to see you!


The time’s nearly come….

The time’s nearly come, my little one,

To let go your hand and watch you run

Through those big gates to a brand new chapter

With lots of learning, fun and laughter.

And though I’ll be sad to watch you go

I’ll hold back the tears so you’ll never know

That while you’re at school making new friends

I’ll be longing for the day to end.

And desperate to see your great big smile

I’ll be at those gates with arms open wide!

Love Mummy x


I hope….

I hope in the years that are still to come

You’ll look back on a childhood full of fun.

With cuddles and bike rides and games galore;

Picnics, treasure hunts and woods to explore.

Days sat on the beach, enjoying the sun

And days in the rain, splashing everyone.

I hope, when asked, what you remember most

You’ll say love, just love…..

…..oh, and mum’s Sunday roast!


Modern Times

I can’t stop now; I’ve got to run; I really must get going…..

I’m caught up in a frantic world that shows no sign of slowing!

I tweet and mail and surf all day to try and keep ‘up to speed’;

And buy my children all the stuff kids now supposedly need!

Yet I recall in days gone by how people stopped to chat.

And kids played many happy hours with just a ball and bat!


Counting to ten

Counting to ten, does that ever work?

Oh ok, I’ll give it a go.

So one, two, three….am I still angry?

Hell yes, I feel fit to blow!

Four, five, six…..apocalypse!

Feel better?! I don’t think so!!

Seven, eight, nine….now I’m dreaming of wine;

But wait, that might do the trick!

And with a big amen, it’s number ten.

Now let’s get the kids in bed double quick!


The Tree

There you stand, tall and strong;

a silent witness to all below.

When the breeze rustles your leaves

you just let the wind pass through.

When the storm tries to take hold

you push your roots down deeper still.

And then there’s your playful side……

letting kids climb your branches and

reach for the sky on your swing.

But you’re a safe haven too;

giving shelter from the rain

and shade from the sun.

You say nothing

yet teach so much.

We can learn a lot

by watching you!


image from http://www.123rf.com

*Copyright: <a href=’http://www.123rf.com/profile_paprika’>paprika / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

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